Fiscal Year

1) Fiscal year types.

Year Specific/Year dependent Fiscal year.

Year independent Fiscal year

1) Calendar Year.

2) Non Calendar year.

2) Fiscal Year Variant only defines the number of periods and their start and finish dates.

3) SAP determines the posting period from the posting date.

4) Posting periods can be defined up to 12 and Special periods up to 4.

5) Posting periods can be up to 999 and Special periods can be up to 99 – Posting periods more than 16 (Including special periods) can only be used for special purpose ledger applications.

6) A shortened fiscal year is a fiscal year having less than twelve months. The definition of a shortened fiscal year is always year-dependent, since it represents a year-related exception.

7) For year specific fiscal year – Posting periods for each fiscal year needs to be defined in configuration with reference to calendar years.

IMG: Financial A/c-ing -> Financial A/c-ing Global setting -> Fiscal Year -> Maintain Fiscal year variant.

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