1) Document header contains: Document and posting date, Doc, header text, company code, Reference no, etc.

2) For each FI transaction code (E.g. Invoice, Credit memo, G/L entry – F-02) you can define a document type and default posting key. (You can over write these default values while entering document.)

3) In Enjoy transactions : while entering customer/vendor Invoice/Cr.Memo transactions Vendor/Customer (Business partner) master data can also displayed along side the a/c name, address and bank details, and open line items can be accessed by pressing “Open Items” button. Entry screen also contains a/c balance display.

4) In Enjoy transactions via “Tree” you can access screen variants, a/c assignment templates and held documents at the left side of the screen.

5) You can enter explanatory text for line items with “*” in front of the text so as to print this text in dunning notices and payment advice notes.

6) In customizing you can define text templates under 4 digit key, these text templates are copied into line item when you enter the relevant key (E.g. DP = “DOWN PAYMENT”). While entering 4 digit key “=” needs to be entered before the key.

IMG:FI A/cing>Doc>Line Item>Define texts for line items.

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