Define a Company

Company: Smallest organizational unit for which individual financial statements can be drawn up according to the relevant commercial law. A company can consist of one or more company codes.

A company is generally used in the legal consolidation module to roll up financial statements of several Company-Codes. A company can consist of one or more Company-Codes. It is important to make the distinction that a Company is NOT the same as a Company-Code.

Company code links – What is a company code? Company code Configuration

Menu Path:

SAP Reference IMG -> Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Financial Accounting -> Define Company

Click on “New entries”

Enter the details for the fields listed below:
Company (Enter a six-character alphanumeric identifier)
Company Name
Name of your Organization
Street Street Address
Postal Code / ZIP
Country US
Language Key EN
Currency USD

Click on SAVE

A notification screen pops up showing that your request was carried out. Click on “Enter” to continue on the pop up screen showing compliance of request

At the bottom of the screen in the “Status Bar” another message is given showing that the Data was saved.

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