SPRO path for Company Creation – OX15

Note – Company code is different from Company

Detailed description of Company code

We create company from the following menu path of “SPRO” t-code:

Enterprise Structure – > Definition -> Financial Accounting – > Edit, Copy, Delete, Check Company

Code.There are two options to create company code:
Copy from other company code (or from SAP standard company code)
Create from the scratch
SAP recommends that we copy a company code from an existing company code. The advantage is SAP will also copy the existing company code-specific parameters. Then we can change certain data in the relevant application if necessary. This is much less time-consuming than creating a new company code.

Check out the video to create from scratch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Od7fSxnJ1ro

Company code configuration

Use of company code in SAP

This is used for the consolidation purposes in SAP

Creation of a company is optional in SAP and is mandatory if ECCS is used

Company is used in ECCS( Enterprise Controlling Consolidation System) Module of SAP for consolidation purposes

Company can be assigned to one or more company codes