Configuration of FI and CO

This series is intended for all aspirants who would like to be SAP FI or CO functional consultant. For others, like project managers who wish to take part in SAP implementations or SAP end-user – please choose the sections which are relevant for you.


I am planning to write a series on configuration of SAP for FI/CO. In this series, I will try to explain the FI module and its configuration. After I complete the FI module, I will take up the CO module which is very similar. If you are new to configuration, please start with my first post. I have also mentioned all SAP commands whenever I feel they were necessary. 


To explain the various configurations, I will take the example of Saks Apparel, a fictitious textile manufacturing company. It has six regionally based offices located in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Kansas City and Atlanta. It also has a Mexican subsidiary. The company has 6 different product lines: winter wear, inner wear, casuals, denims, formal wear and suiting. It is made up of four legal entities: Saks Woolen Inc., Saks Knitwear, Saks International and Saks Textiles Inc.


This is first attempt at a complete series. Previously I have blogged about a number of aspects in SAP. So, please excuse me if I am not very good at this. Add my webpage to your favorites or read my pages using feed readers. You can also add my webpage to social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Technocrati, etc – this helps get this site to a lot of other surfers.


Please feel free to give out your comments. Your comments will help me to improve my blog and also you can add or correct me with the comments. This helps in very healthy discussion.


I will update the links to the series below:

Part 1 – Why use ERP Software and what is configuration?

Part 2 – Chart of Accounts – OBY7

Part 3 – Fiscal year Variant – OB29

Part 4 – Posting Period Variant – OBBO

Part 5 – Company Code Configuration – OX02

Part 6 – Company Code Global Parameters – OBY6

Part 7 – Define Countries – OY01

Part 8 – Define parallel currencies – OB22

Part 9 – Business Areass – OX03

Part 10 – Define FI Validations – GGB0

Part 11 – Activate FI Validation – OB28 or GGB4

Part 12 – Maintain Functional Areas – OKBD

Part 13 – Functional Area Substitution – GGB1

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    Hello Ananth
    Thank you for the explaining but just wanted to add some comments in improving the context.
    1. The context is not very structured
    2. It is refering to a web link below …but i cant find it …I hope this is not my ignorance
    3. The content should like a flow and easy to follow ..

    I think you have done a good job overall 🙂

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    Thanks for a wonderful blog and u r doing an incredible job….could u pls give a detailed version of document splitting and other functions in new gl.

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    can u tell me how work was done in real time

    i completed sap fico

    in sap fico im perfect upto gl ar ap
    i know the co not in depth howcan i maintain the fi which steps is more important in interview can u send me the mail to my mail id

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    Dear Ananth sir,

    This is Lakshman. This is help full for my interviews. Can u please tell me Integration FI with MM,SD,PP. I want much this Integration . If you have any material please send to my Mail-id ….

    Lakshmana Rao.

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