SAP FI/CO Interview and Certification Questions – Part 5

Organizational Units

1. Select the correct statements

a) The controlling area is the highest reporting level for profitability analysis
b) Data for overhead cost controlling is extracted from the operating concern
c) Product cost controlling extracts data from the controlling area
d) The business area is an organizational unit within financial accounting
e) Profit center accounting is a component of overhead cost controlling

2. Which of the following statements are true or false

a) The controlling area currency must be defined as the group currency
b) Company codes assigned to the same controlling area must have the same operational chart of accounts
c) Profit center accounting extracts data from the controlling area
d) The product cost controlling component enables you to calculate the minimum price at which a product can be profitably marketed
e) Profitability analysis is used to evaluate external market segments

Master Data

3. Select the correct statement(s)

a) Cost centers are assigned to the standard hierarchy through the master record
b) Cost centers can be assigned to any level in the standard hierarchy
c) Cost center categories enable you to assign the same characteristics to similar cost centers
d) All primary cost elements have a one to one relationship with the general ledger expense accounts
e) Secondary cost elements can only be created and used within controlling

4. Which of the following statements are true or false

a) All activity types can be used with all cost centers
b) An activity type allows you to allocate costs from FI according to tasks that were performed by other departments
c) Statistical key figures can be defined as either a fixed value or a totals value
d) Master data that can be grouped together include controlling areas and operating concerns
e) Activity types cannot be grouped like cost centers, cost elements and statistical key figures

Transaction Based Postings

5. Select the correct statements

a) Document numbering is defined according to the grouping of controlling transactions
b) When posting to a cost center and true order, the posting to the cost center becomes statistical
c) Profit center postings can be true postings if the indicator is selected in the master record
d) Postings to cost centers primarily arise out of transaction based postings in FI
e) When posting a transaction within FI, only one true object and one statistical object can be selected

6. Which of the following statements are true or false

a) Default cost centers can be specified in the cost element master record
b) Default cost elements can be specified in the cost center master record
c) Profit centers defaulted from the cost center master record, when posting an expense in FI can be changed in the document
d) Default values from customizing take preference over default values from the master records
e) Line items that are reposted in CO update the cost center in the original document in FI

Period-end Closing 

7. Select the correct statement(s)

a) Costing sheets are defined for the percentage method of the accrual calculation
b) Periodic reposting is performed when costs are manually reposted from one cost center to another according to a specific statistical key figure
c) The assessment cycle allows for the collection of both primary and secondary costs, and reposts the values using the original cost elements
d) Distribution is the method by which primary costs are reposted using the original cost elements
e) Allocation structures assigned to the distribution cycle allow for the grouping of cost elements and repost using secondary cost elements

8. Which of the following statements are true or false

a) The reconciliation ledger allows for the reconciliation of CO components
b) The period lock must be set for both plan and actual data
c) The period lock is automatically set when the FI period is closed
d) An overhead structure is assigned to a costing sheet
e) The results of an assessment can be reviewed in the cost center – actual/ plan/ variance report

9. Select the correct statement(s)

a) Planning profiles are defined with header rows and lead columns
b) Multiple planning layouts can be assigned to a single planning profile
c) Distribution keys can only be used when planning for a single period at a time
d) Planning using activity types can only be performed if the statistical key figures are planned as well
e) Activity dependant planning means planning with the use of an activity type

10. Which of the following statements are true or false

a) In order to transfer planned data from HR, a valid employee master record must exist along with a valid cost center, and the two records must be linked
b) Plan distribution allows for the distribution of secondary costs
c) It is not possible to perform planning using statistical key figures
d) It is possible to copy actual data to planning data as long as the planning version has been created first
e) All controlling objects are automatically transferred when one plan version is copied over to another

Internal Orders

11. Select the correct statement(s)

a) All internal orders must be created according to a specific order type
b) Four categories of internal orders exist namely overhead, investment, financial and revenue orders
c) Statistical orders are used for reporting purposes only
d) Accrual orders allow for the raising of accruals on the order itself
e) Internal orders are company code specific and must reference a profit center in the internal order master record

12. Which of the following statements are true or false

a) Orders cannot be grouped like cost centers and cost elements
b) Substitution rules are used for mass maintenance to internal orders
c) A commitment can be raised on an order when a purchase order or purchase requisition is created
d) A settlement procedure must be specified for all order types
e) An allocation structure allows you to determine whether cost elements must be grouped together and settled using a specific cost element, or if the original cost element can be used for the settlement of true order values

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