Company Code Global Parameters – OBY6

FICO Configuration Series – Part 6

Company Code Global Parameters

Here is where we link the company code to the chart of accounts, fiscal year variant and posting period variant among other settings.

Financial Accounting >> Financial Accounting Global Settings >> Company Code >> Enter Global Parameters

Transaction Code: OBY6


Company: Company consists of one or more company codes. Used generally in legal consolidation module to roll up financial statements of several company codes. Use a 6 character alphanumeric identifier that relates to this company.

FM Area/Financial Management Area: They are used in treasury module, specifically for funds management. Funds Management allows the organization to budget commitment and financial resources. If you are using Funds Management, enter the four character identifier of FM Area. If you are using Investment Management along with Funds Management, the FM areas must be assigned to controlling areas assigned to your company codes. FM areas can contain more than one company code.

Credit Control Area: Credit Control Area controls the credit limits for the organization’s customers. A Credit Control Area can be assigned to many company codes, but a company code can linked to only one credit control area.

Ext.Co. Code: If you are using ALE, Check this field.

X-System Co. Code: If Ext. Co. Code is checked (i.e. if ALE is used), the corresponding external company code ID is entered here. For Example, Company Code of 1001 might have been linked to Company Code ID of EXCC01 that relates to Company Code 1001 in the other ALE system.

Company Code is Productive: (This setting is done only in production client). Once the company code is set to productive, it becomes impossible to delete transactional data from the SAP system.

VAT Registration Number: If company is subject to EU regulations, enter VAT registration number here.

Business Area balance Sheet: Set this indicator if Business Areas are used for the organization.

Document Entry Screen Variant: This setting controls country-specific on- screen gelds for accounting documents. The most common U.S. setting is 21 this setting is for countries with withholding tax, like the U.S.

Assign the company code to the chart of Accounts (SACA), fiscal year variant (SA) and posting period variant (US01). Currently legal consolidation funds management and fixed assets are beyond our scope. Saks Apparel has used document entry screen variant 2 because company code 1000 is a US-based company that utilizes withholding taxes. The CFO has determined that a 10% exchange rate deviation is acceptable. The standard field status variant 0001

6 thoughts on “Company Code Global Parameters – OBY6

  1. Ananth, thanks for the excellent post. OBY6 is exactly what I was looking for.

    For any SAP MM and SRM consultants dealing with iDOCs, the Vendor Registration Number/GST ID is from OBY6 > “company code” > Details (F2) > Additional Data.

    The information in GST Registration number OR T001Z-PAVAL is transmitted into iDOC/E1EDK01/EIGENUINR

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