IMG: FI.A/cing> F.A.Global settings>Document>Doc Item> Define tolerance groups for Employees.

1) The maximum amounts are defined per company code in “TOLERANCE GROUP”. (This is also where the payment processing of payment differences is controlled)

2) In the tolerance groups you can enter Upper limits for the following :

i) Total amount per document. (The posting amount is the total of all debit items or, similarly, the total of all credit items.)

ii) Amount per customer/vendor item. (Limit is per customer, one document with more than one customer/vendors can be entered) The restriction does not apply to automatically created line items, for example, during payment settlements.

iii) Cash discount – which user with this tolerance group is able to grant.

3) If a user is not assigned to any special tolerance group, then entries in the tolerance group “___” (blank) are valid for them. (This is default tolerance group)

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