Activate FI Validations – OB28 or GGB4

FICO Configuration Series – Part 11

Activate Validations

Financial Accounting >> Financial Accounting Global Settings >> Document >> Line Item >> Define Validations for Posting

Transaction Code: OB28 or GGB4

OB28 takes you specifically to the FI validation application area. Using GGB4, you can manage the activation of all validations in the system for any application area or callup point.

CC: Four digit character identifier company code you want to activate your validation with. Only one validation can be active per company code per callup point. You can add additional steps to your validation in order to carry out more validations.

CallPnt: Enter the callup point you want your validation to be executed with.

Validation: Enter the identifier of the validation that you want to activate

Activtn Level: Enter the activation level for validation. Valid values are 0 (not active), 1 (activated throughout the system) and 2 (activated except for batch input)

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