Define FI Validations – GGB0

FICO Configuration Series – Part 10

Define Validations

Financial Accounting >> Special Purpose Ledger >> Tools >> Maintain Validation/Substitution/Rules >> Maintain Validation

Transaction code: GGB0

Validations are used to check settings and return a message if the prerequisite condition is met. You can use validations to supplement existing SAP logic to fit your business needs. A validation is valuable tool that can be used in many of the financial and controlling modules. In this section, we will configure an FI validation to fulfill our requirement of allowing postings from one particular company code to be posted only one particular business area.

In the screen follow the menu path (Validation >> Create) and enter the Name of validation, application area and callup point. The available options are as follows:




Asset Management




Financial Accounting


Special purpose ledger


Joint Venture Accounting


Enterprise Controlling (only Substitutions)


Legal Consolidation


Management Consolidation


Project System


Callup points determine when the validation is run. The callup points that are available are dependent upon the application area that is selected. For the FI application area, the following callup points are available:

Callup Point



Document Header: entries are stored in BKPF table


Line Item: Entries are stored in BSEG table


Complete Document


In the next screen, enter the description of the validation and then click the insert entry button to add a step to the validation. Enter the prerequisite and checks using Boolean logic. The message is also typed in/selected after defining them as Error(E), Warning(W), Cancel(A) or Information(I). After all the details have been typed in, click the check syntax icon. Saving the validation generates ABAP code to perform the validation.

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