Fiscal year Variant – OB29

FICO Configuration Series – Part 3

Fiscal year variant

The fiscal year variant determines the posting periods to be used by the client’s company. SAP allows a maximum of 16 posting periods each fiscal year – normally 12 regular posting periods and 4 special posting periods are used. The special posting periods are used for posting audit or tax adjustments to a closed fiscal year.

Financial Accounting >> Financial Accounting Global settings >> Fiscal Year >> maintain Fiscal year variant (maintain shortened fiscal year)

Transaction Code: OB29

You can copy existing values or create ones from scratch.

Financial Year Variant: Enter the two-digit alphanumeric identifier of your fiscal year variant. Avoid using K or V as the first character as SAP delivered financial year variants use them.

Calendar Year: Set this indicator if the fiscal year is also the calendar year.

Year-Dependent: Set indicator if fiscal year is changing from year to year.

Number of Posting Periods: Enter the Number of normal posting periods (maximum is 12) [correction based on comment – can be more than 12, thanks to Singh]

Number of Special Periods: Enter the Number of special posting periods

Annual Displacement: Enter values as -1, 0 or +1. For years which have the fiscal year same as the calendar year, always use 0. For -1 and +1 are used to offset whenever calendar year is different from the fiscal year.

Assignment: Saks Apparel operates on an April-March calendar month fiscal year. (So, copy any existing year variant that uses April-March year). Create a Financial year variant SA. We also setup 12 regular posting periods and 4 special posting periods.

Some more details on fiscal year variants configuration

2 thoughts on “Fiscal year Variant – OB29

  1. says

    My client want to change the fiscal year variant from 12 posting periods with 4 special periods to 18 posting periods with 4 specail periods in February month as decided by the management. As 18 months accounts are need to be finalised and P&L and B/s to be prepared.
    So how to suggest the client?
    Pls urgently asking to suggest what method can be advise to follow the by the client.

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