Posting Period Variant – OBBO

FICO Configuration Series – Part 4

Posting Period Variant

This controls which posting periods (normal and special) are applicable for each company code. It is possible to have a different posting period variant for each company code. The posting period variant is independent of the fiscal year variant.

Financial Accounting >> Financial Accounting Global Settings >> Document >> Posting Period >> Define variants for open posting periods

Transaction Code: OBBO

Assignment: With the implementation of SAP, Saks Apparel has decided to streamline its back office functions. Before SAP implementation, each company within Saks Apparel operated its own accounting department independently. Using SAP, there will be only two accounting departments: one for the US based companies and the one for the Mexican based company. Because of this change only two posting period variants, US01 and MX01, are needed. All US based companies will be closed at the same time. The Mexican based company (and any additional future Mexican based companies) will be closed at the same time (different from the time US companies are closed).

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