Activate Functional Area Substitution – OBBZ

Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Company Code -> Prepare Cost of Sales Accounting

Transaction Code: OBBZ

OBBZ takes you specifically to the FI substitution application area for the Cost of Sales accounting callup point. You can also use GGB4 which manages activation of all substitutions in the system for any application area or callup point.

  1. Enter the four-character identifier for the company code (CC) for which you want to activate the substitution. As with the validations, you can only have one substitution active per company code per callup point.
  2. Enter the callup point at which you want your substitution to be executed.
  3. Enter the identifier of the substitution that you wish to activate.
  4. The description field fills in automatically based on the substitution that you choose.
  5. Enter the activation level for which you which you would like to activate the validation. There are three codes to simplify your entry:
    1. 0: Not Active (validation will not execute)
    2. 1: Activated at all levels throughout the system
    3. 2: Activated at all levels throughout the system except for batch input

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