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A set is used in order to specify a range of G/L account numbers. Sets simply hold a number of values for a field. Sets are used in the same way that arrays are used in standard programming. Although there are several types of sets, the basic set is described below.

Information Systems -> Ad Hoc Reports -> Report Painter -> Report Writer -> Set Create

Transaction Code: GS01

  1. Enter the 12-character alphanumeric identifier of your set in the Set ID box. This is the set name that you will refer to when using the set.
  2. Enter the name of the table that contains the field you want to create the set for in the Table box. This field and others like it appears in many different tables. It is important to know which table is being used at the time you are using the set. For example, we are creating a set for the field HKONT (G/L account number). HKONT appears in BSEG, COBL, ACCIT, and many other tables. As you already know from selecting the field to substitute earlier, table ACCIT is being read in our substitution, and we will use this table to create our set.

Once HKONT is selected, enter the description in the next screen and click the Basic Entries button to select values to include in your set.

Saks Apparel has decided to use five different functional areas to analyze individual expense accounts:




Research & Development


Saks apparel will be utilizing cost centers to capture all of its expenses. Because it is using cost centers, we will use an attribute of cost center (cost center type) to populate our functional area on postings. You can use other fields in your substitution, but cost center makes the most sense for Saks Apparel. In the configured substitution, we created and used a set of all expense G/L accounts and the cost center type field (CSKSV-KOSAR). Although only one substitution step was shown, a separate step for each functional area was configured. A mapping of cost center type to functional location follows:

Cost Center Type

Functional Areas

W: Administration


M: Marketing


F: Production


R: R&D


V: Sales



Next step is to activate the substitution

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    Hello, I am so happy I found your blog….it made me start my own for Project Systems. What a great way to share knowledge!
    I do wonder if you can help me …I am trying to create simple sets (I hope) to be used in FAG** transactions using GS01 which will be multi-dimensional in that the sets will be sets of known discrete profit centres, but across a range of G/L accounts (say 10000 to 59999).
    If you can assist I would be most grateful

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